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Start Sound.. Lights.. Cameraaaaa.. yeah Ek-Lav-yaaaa …!!! February 13, 2009

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We portray ourselves as “Team Eklavya” the mavericks of theatre.


Eklavya is a CSR concern of SCIT and would complete the SCIT’s power

triangle with 360 degree development of SCITians.


we wish to propagate specific social messages (like social

stigmas,AIDS awareness,Education importance,business ethics etc)


through almost each of our plays to other colleges and also corporates.


We have officially unleashed ourselves on the 3rd feb,2009.


Eklavya has moved on from the sand of the colosseum to the limelight

of centre stage.



One of the achievements of Team Eklavya was the first place win at

SID’s street play competition..


Other paritcipations includes IIT Bombays cultural festival Moodi

,SIMC ,SIIB..etc…


The journey has just begun…




Main Coordinators:- Deric and Divya